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LTA:NUOC is a cross-wiki vandal from Japan.

Origin and history[edit | edit source]

His origin is probably in the Japanese Wikipedia, with his name being ムラビトチャンネル. However, people in smaller wikis in Japan, such as Usopedia and Enpedia, know him better as ゆっくりヌオック.

This user has been blocked indefinitely on Japanese Wikipedia, Japanese Uncyclopedia, Enpedia, Chakuwiki, Yourpedia, and Usopedia, the six major wikis in Japan. He is also blocked on minor Japanese wikis, such as Ysmwiki and Goldpedia.

This user's typical (but not limited to) vandal activities are:

  • Creating multiple accounts.
  • Vandal activities on other users' talk page, or pages on mainspace.
  • Creating fake wikis, such as the "unofficial" English enpedia.
  • Copyright infringements. Uploading images, or copying pages without permission of the copyright holders.
    • Some of the examples can be seen on wellpedia.
  • Replacing words related to Nintendo with words related to SEGA (ex. Nintendo→SEGA, WiiU→Dreamcast).

Accounts on Miraheze[edit | edit source]

This user already has several accounts on Miraheze. Some (but not limited to) of them are:

Related LTAs[edit | edit source]

  • LTA:MANJU - Chakuwiki, a Japanese Wiki, calls him this way. Also seen on Japanese Wikipedia, but not sure whether they are really identical.
  • LTA:KOSHIN - Some of the accounts are judged as this LTA.
  • LTA:FURANO - Also a cross-wiki and international LTA from Japan, vandalizing English wikis such as Uncyclopedia and Illogicopedia.

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